A very important business tool…

What is asset finance?

Asset finance is available in several formats.

The 3 main being:

1. Hire purchase (Regular payments and you will own the asset at the end)

2. Lease (Regular payments but you won’t own the asset at the end)

3. Refinance – Release cash held in assets already owned (Can be a lease or HP). 

Asset finance allows your business to purchase equipment without having to pay in full upfront. We can offer flexible terms involving low deposits, seasonal payments and terms of up to 10 years, asset dependent. All of course subject to approval. 

What can I fund?

Well pretty much anything from yellow plant, haulage equipment, telephones all the way through to dairy cattle. If your business uses it, it has a value and it can be sold we can look to help finance it. Sometimes that essential asset is bigger than your balance sheet. However, that should not stop you from purchasing it and growing. Asset finance can be a great tool to purchase that business-critical tool without over stretching your cash flow.