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Industries We Work With

We can access finance for nearly any industry. We have experienced staff provide assistance to any business wishing to explore their finance opportunities.

  • Agriculture

    We work with farmers, machinery dealers and markets providing funding for nearly all types of purchases. They include livestock, wheeled machinery, diary parlours, buildings and various other addons. We can help no matter whether you are a contractor, a leased farm or owned.

  • Machinery

    We are specialists in machinery finance from wood to metal work. We have extensive supplier contacts and work with a number of high profile customers in this industry. For bigger purchases and long lead times we can offer staged pay outs. No matter what machine you wish to purchase we can help.

    • Construction

      Whether its wheeled, tracked or an attachments we can help fund your latest purchase. We can offer finance for nearly all ages of vehicles and costs. The construction industry is the backbone of our economy and we have the options to support you.

    • Haulage

      Our finance can allow you to purchase the latest fleet keeping costs down and your wheels turning. We can fund tractor units, trailers, refrigerated trucks and many more. We can even help you source your latest vehicle. Please see our For Sale page for our latest stock.

    • Brewers and Distillers

      We can offer tailored finance packages for independent brewers. Whether you are looking to upgrade existing equipment, Installing canning/bottling lines to develop your business or just help with cash flow. We have got all bases covered.

    • Vehicle Rental

      Vehicle rental is a sector we serve well with extensive knowledge and vehicle sourcing ability. We can help fund your fleet keeping depreciation down and maximising resale profit. Options including variable rate, balloons and 0% deposit as just a few examples of what we can do.


    No matter what sector you service we can provide you with finance to help your business grow. We provide finance to businesses including the hospitality sector, IT, Medical, aviation, franchises, energy, motor finance and many more.