”Let’s focus on some good news outside the extraordinary today,  

  • The Bank of England thinks inflation with fall rapidly,
  • The economy is now in what experts are calling a “flat line” rather than a recession,
  • Businesses including BP are recording record profits!

I really had to work hard to find the three good bits and even the last one is probably bad for most!

Its hard to find something positive even when you go looking into today’s media, whether that social or news led outlets.

Chinese “weather” balloons, entire counties striking, cold showers being a trend and chat robots replacing journalists being just some of the extraordinary news in today’s headlines.

However, the point of the blog is to not focus on the outside competition or news to much. Sure, an understanding of the world helps guide decisions. But ultimately understanding your customers trends, business current and future financial performance and planning of your business goals makes a better way to spend your morning over coffee.

So don’t let others outside your business get in your head. Social media only shows the good and news only shows the bad. The only place to find both accurately is in your own 4 walls!”