Three top tips…

1. Keep business accounts for business

It surprising how often we as a finance brokerage see transactions in our customers’ business bank accounts which clearly shouldn’t be there. Gambling payments, holidays, days out with the kids, even those cheeky hotel movie nights. Joking aside one or more of these transactions without a logical reason can show poor cash flow management and make funding underwriters feel uneasy.

2. Give your business an identity

Fraud is on the rise across most business sectors. Finance is no exception.  Finance companies / banks are looking for both online and physical presence when considering lending applications.

Businesses without websites, social media profiles and a managed identity are finding it increasing tougher to access finance.  Getting a well-made website is surprising affordably and managing online profiles is easy for most.

Again, having a defined physical location which can be found online like Google maps add creditability. A place where funders can visit and get to know you if required.

3. Demonstrate affordability

Arguably the most important thing when considering a finance application for any funder is how will this customer pay us back?

Will it save the business enough money to meet the new payments?

Will it generate new income & if so how much?

A key question many customers struggle to define and haven’t often worked out themselves. Having a brief plan, even just a summary written up and a cash flow forecast can make all the difference to not only getting a deal approved but the rate you can achieve. 30 minutes spent writing a plan can save your hourly wage several times over.

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