Whether you’re expanding your team, buying a new piece of equipment, sourcing new stock or giving your cash flow a boost, a fast and flexible funding loan from a Merchant Cash Advance could help you take the next step.

Get funded from £1,000 to £1,000,000. Repay as a fixed percentage of automated daily card or online sales. Repay with a small, fixed percentage of daily sales (typically 5 – 20 %). Pay only a flat fee that is agreed up-front. Once you’re on board, receive funding top ups within 48 hours.

Flexible repayments available to suit businesses demand.

Repayment is made via your card machine or e-commerce site. When a customer pays by card a fixed percentage of that transaction is used to pay the advance. This percentage stays the same regardless of the transaction value, meaning you always repay proportionally with your cash flow.

This is a great flexible loan product suited to many business types but particularly pubs, restaurants, retail and online businesses.

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