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Haulage Finance

When purchasing a vehicle for your business the upfront costs can be high and it can restrict cash flow. Whether you are purchasing a new grab wagon, a tractor unit or you are carrying out a full fleet overhaul we have a diverse range of finance options to spread the cost.

We even sell trucks and trailers. Please see our For Sale Page.

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We can fund a variety of commercial vehicles including:

• Tractor Units
• Grab Wagons
• Trailers
• Tow Trucks
• Refrigerated vehicles
• Tipper Trucks
• And many more

We can also tailor the finance to you by offering:

• Seasonal payments – Payments to marry your cash flow
• VAT deferrals – Avoid paying the VAT upfront
• Balloons – Reduced monthly payment by having a balloon payment to match the residual value of the vehicle
• Long terms up to 102 months
• No deposit – Avoid hurting your cash flow on day 1

We also have an expert team on hand who can not only fund vehicles but source them too. We have an extensive dealer network and a large customer base meaning we can find vehicles not on the market.

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