The UK is set for strong post pandemic recovery…

Whilst some businesses have suffered over recent months many have boomed after strong “Economic Growth” is felt across the UK. Investments by businesses in asset finance, commercial lending and cash purchases is rising in recent months. Many dealers across sectors including construction, haulage, and others have reported shortages of equipment for sale due to strong demand and low supply. Most are requesting customers to order machines now to avoid disappointment if they require delivery in Q1 of 2022!

Recent figures released by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (a mouth full) show the UK’s economy is likely to grow 7.2% in 2021, up from it’s Q1 projection of 5.1%. This is ahead of other countries with The OECD forecasting a global average for economic growth of 5.8%. The UK’s government has received much well deserved praise for their economic stimulus.

It’s fantastic to see many business choosing to invest now and grow out of the 2020 economic slump. The resolve of the UK is once again on show. The spirited growth has been likened to the mood of the nation post World War 2 and peoples desire to recover for the better after a major economic decline.

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