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We have had several recent success stories of Amica Finance selling customers vehicles and business assets to make them money and save time. Part exchanging a vehicle means the dealer will always offer your a lower price to maximise their return when they sell it. It’s totally logical.

However we have alternative which has recently made our customer over 31% extra on their van vs their quoted part exchange price. The customer was also able to keep using the van generating further income for the business. We took pictures, advertised the vehicle, handled all sales enquiries and assisted with completion of the sale. We even offered the customer finance which gave a fully complete service. We do this all for a fixed small fee. The example above generating the business over 31% extra meant our fee was well worth it.

We can also source vehicles from our extensive supplier based specialising in haulage, light commercial vehicles and construction equipment as we did for this customer. A brand new VW Crafter which are in shortly supply currently.

If you just want to part exchange your vehicle then we are happy to also quote on to see if we can provide a better price than you dealer.

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