Get a decent bank with the right technology

After opening a bank with a main high street British bank, I quickly learnt 2 things. Their app was terrible, and the in-person banking was useless.

It hurt me as I couldn’t download bank statements on my phone or iPad or add new payees unless I was in the office. Banking was not on the go; live there and then. This meant if I wanted to purchase new stock, buy supplies or anything there and then in person I couldn’t. It was just too slow.

So, I switched to HSBC who took the time to learn about what we did and married it with a killer app.

I can purchase stock for our sales business when I am with suppliers immediately. I can collect it and supply my customers the same day!

Partner with people who can help your business

Partnering with suppliers and those who actively help your business grow is important. They actively go out of their way to make sure you hit your businesses targets and make you money.

A live example below….

Getting stock insurance was a nightmare when we recently launched our commercial vehicle sales product. Not because I or my business were terrible but because the insurance market choice in that sector is very limited. Our current insurers who have been extremely supportive since the finance companies inception were unable to help.

Then we met Stephen Holmes of Holmes Insurance Brokers Ltd. Stephen was recommended to us by our mutual customer. He visited our business, learnt what did, taught me a thing or two and then produced a perfect insurance package.

Stephen has meant we now have a yard, stock, a new office, and a new income stream. A new partner in our business.

I am so passionate about partnering with our customers for the long term and not a one-off deal. They can then hit their 5-year targets in 3-years!

Hopefully the above is useful….

Jon Dufton

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